Defending Your 2nd Amendment Rights

  • Pistol Permit Lawyers

    Defending your 2nd Amendment Right

    • Certified NRA Instructors
    • Basic Pistol Safety & other areas
    • Assistance w/License Application
    • Administrative Hearings & Appeals for Non-Renewals, Denials, Suspensions & Revocations of License
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  • What an NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course Includes!

    • Basic Pistol Parts and Operation
    • Safe Firearm Handling
    • Range Safety Rules
    • Firearm Maintenance
    • Proper Firearm Storage
    • Proper Stance and Grip
    • Loading and Unloading a Pistol
    • Proper Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, trigger, and breath control
    • Live Firing
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Official Website for New York State Pistol Permit Lawyers and NRA Instructors!

Welcome to Pistol Permit Lawyers,

Official Website for New York State Pistol Permit Lawyers and NRA Instructors

Charles M. Barbuti is an attorney and retired Captain with the NYPD. Chuck became an attorney while still working as a detective captain in the Bronx. He has been a firearm owner his entire adult life, and firmly believes that the American public has a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Chuck is committed to assisting law abiding citizens who wish to exercise this most basic of rights.

John D. Randazzo is an attorney with 25 years of legal experience. John began his legal career working with his father as a clerk in the personal injury and accident field. John has been in private practice for much of his career and now primarily represents motorcyclists who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents. He is dedicated to protecting the rights of motorcyclists and people's rights in general, the least of which is the right of law abiding people to own firearms under the 2nd Amendment. John is an avid shooter and collector of firearms of all types.


These aren't just words on a page. They are from the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. It was the intention of the framers of this foundational document of the American experiment that law biding citizens have the right to protect themselves and their families, to hunt for sport or recreation or to collect firearms should they so choose. In the same way that these are not just words on a page, the Pistol Permit Lawyers believe in the wisdom of these sentiments, and are resolute in defending YOUR Second Amendment rights.

For more information and to schedule a consult, email us at and we will discuss your needs and get you started on the process.

About Pistol Permit Lawyers

At Pistol Permit Lawyers, we firmly believe that the American public has a Constitutional Right to keep and Bear arms. Whether your interest in firearms is for personal and home protection, sport shooting, collecting or investing, we are committed to helping law abiding citizens acquire and maintain proper credentials to engage in their interest. We offer full service assistance and advice, from National Rifle Association approved training in the safe use and handling of firearms, through the start of the permitting process, then selection and acquisition of your firearm. We will help you with the application and vetting process, and stand by you until we achieve the result that you deserve.

One stop shopping for all of your firearm needs

In addition to legal advice with the licensing process, the Pistol Permit Lawyers are committed to the safe handling and use of handguns. We are both National Rifle Association certified instructors, and we provide NRA approved classroom and live-fire range training, helping to ensure that your gun-owning experience is safe and enjoyable. We also provide advanced NRA-Approved Courses. If we don't teach it, we'll refer you to the right NRA Instructors for your shooting needs. If you're even thinking about owning a gun, contact us and let's get started. We will also counsel you on the appropriate firearms for your needs and suggest local gun retailers that we have personally dealt with and happily recommend them depending on your geographical location and needs. In addition we welcome your questions and will provide answers to the best of our abilities Free of charge!


People told me that it was impossible to get a pistol permit. The Pistol Permit Lawyers showed me that people were wrong. They were with me every step of the way and I GOT MY PERMIT!


Chuck gave me personal attention so that I was able to get my pistol permit. He was always available to help me along and to answer questions that I had. These guys are great!