Where do I apply for a pistol permit?

New York State law leaves the authority of issuing pistol permits to the individual counties. You must apply to the county that you live in. If you live in New York City, the N.Y.P.D. License Division issues pistol permits.

How do I submit the application?

Each county treats the process somewhat differently. For instance, Westchester County requires that you make an appointment to submit the application, while other counties permit walk in applicants, with an appointment to meet with an investigator later. It is best to check with your individual county.

How difficult is it to get a permit?

There is no easy answer to that question. It depends on what type of permit you seek. Generally, the easiest permit to get is a premise permit, which allows you to have a handgun in your home. Carry permits require some demonstrated need for carrying a concealed handgun.

Are there any minimum firearm safety course requirements?

The only county in New York that requires a handgun safety class by law is Westchester. However, each of the counties has considerable discretion in issuing or denying a permit. You should be prepared to demonstrate some knowledge of handgun safety, and the best way to do that is by attending an authorized handgun safety training course.

Are there any automatic disqualifiers?

If you have been convicted of a felony or if you currently have an Order of Protection against you, federal law prohibits possession of a pistol permit. Although treatment for mental health issues may bar you from legally owning a firearm, failing to disclose such treatment to the licensing authorities will probably result in denial. Most felony convictions will result in denial of a handgun permit, unless the arrest was for a non-violent felony which carries a sentence of less than one year and the court issues a Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities.Federal law prohibits possession of a handgun by anyone who has an active order of protection against them. Although treatment for a mental health issue may bar you from possessing a firearm, failing to disclose treatment to the licensing authorities will most likely result in denial.

Is a permit issued in one county valid in another?

Yes, except within New York City. If you wish to carry a handgun in New York City, you must apply for permission from the N.Y.P.D.

Can I travel with my handgun?

Some jurisdictions recognize New York permits. It is best to check with an authoritative source for the jurisdiction you wish to visit.

How can you help me with the process?

We cannot make a poor candidate for a pistol permit a good one, and we have too much (integrity/respect for the legal system) to do so if we could. What we can do to help you is assess your fitness for permitting, suggest which type of permit might suit your needs, and help you to navigate the difficult and time consuming process of pistol permitting.